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Bergdorf Goodman

Web Design

Working for the fashion retailer Bergdorf Goodman, I learned a lot about luxury ecommerce. I was tasked to redefine their Men's section of the site and worked with a team to construct a campaign for the launch of Goodman's, the men's section of the store.

Goodman's Landing Page

The campaign featured several men living in New York, their views on fashion, and working in the city. I wanted them to live together on the page in a different layout than I've seen on most fashion website's. I worked with a script to create an accordian effect with them men. When the user hovers over one of the men, the full image is revealed and the image darkens to display a caption. Then the user is directed to watch the video of them.

Project Image
Project Image
Goodman's Style

Bergodrof Goodman is over one hundred years old now, and is known as the fashion authority of the world. I had to take existing elements of the brand, such as fonts, and the minimal black and white graphic elements used in their designs to create a landing page well suited for a male audience. Gotham in a heavy weight was used to establish a more masculine tone than the more feminine Serifs of Hoefler as well as bolder black lines.

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