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Beard Supply

Package Design

A fun client to work on, Beard Supply caters to an audience of men that regularly groom their beards. The brand is all about being woodsy and adventure seeking.

Beard Balm

I did a redesign of the original beard balm label. Utilizing the company's beard engraving a created a label that feels both minimal and old fashioned.

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'34 Vintage

I was tasked with creating an icon for the company's latest scent, Vintage 34 inspired by nostalgia and older traditions. The icon chosen was that of an old pick up truck, something classic that you'd associate with that era. The photography was done by Rob Martinez who never fails to amaze me by what he comes up with.

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Probably the funnest part of working on this brand was that there was constantly room for creativity. This was a free sticker I created for the brand that was given out when customers bought beard old bundled.

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