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Gem Bakery

Web Design / Mobile / Art Direction

Gem is bakery that specializes in macaroons based off of your birthstone. With all kinds of colors and flavors they are the perfect customized gift for any occasion.

The Gem brand is high end. I took a lot from what I learned working in the fashion industry, sophisticated typography and minimal space,to come up with their brand elements.

The Site

The Gem Bakery site was inspired by many fashion websites I had found, but had never seen applied to anything other than fashion. Designing this way gave their brand a leg up in the pastry and baked goods industry by being seen as different while being completely high end. The font Rosemary was used for the logo and main header, wrapping around the macaroons in a three dimensional way.

The site is a one page scroller with a CTA on the right for monthly promotions. Each section tells the story of how Gem came to be, and the user can cycle through products they offer.

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Project Image
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