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Web Design / Social / Illustration

Giuseppe’s Pizza is a concept I dreamed up and wanted to execute. The story centers around the Italian general, Giuseppe Garibaldi who is known in Italy for unifying the nation. I wanted to take that concept into the idea of slices of pizza coming together to form the pie, which is where the slogan "United We Pizza" came from.

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The logo came from the idea of two abstract slices of pizza, like upside-down mountains forming a single unit. The brand itself consists of the colors and patterns created by this particular mark. The logo takes on 3 different forms depending on where it’s used. I feel that this better suits most brands these days since logos have to exist in so many different mediums.

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Social Media Illustrations

For the Giuseppe’s Instagram campaign I wanted to incorporate fun illustrations of famous figures through out history from all different countries to go with the United We Pizza theme, but with a little twist. I changed all of their quotes to incorporate pizza themed vocabulary.


I wanted the website to be simple and easy to use since the user would more than likely be quickly trying to figure out if they wanted to eat at this restaurant or looking for a number to call and make a reservation. I put the phone icon in the navigation so it would be easy on a desktop and mobile for the user to find. The rest of the site was taken directing out of the brand guide, speckled with some whimsical elements.